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Welcome to Zaporizhian Cossacks

Preobrazhensky Bridge
Duration: 6 hours
Operation: May - November
Max number of participants: unlimited
Available in:* English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian
The tour price per person*
Group: from USD 37
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In the city limits of Zaporizhzhya lies the beautiful Khortytsia Island. Not only the biggest on the Dnieper River but also the most diverse piece of land from many aspects. It has rocky cliffs and vibrant green floodplains, forests and steppe areas, marches and lakes, ancient findings and national history glory too, namely a direct correlation to the Zaporizhian Cossacks.
The latter probably is the most pronounced theme on the Khortytsia Island nowadays.
In the years of Independence, there have appeared wonderful expositions in the Museum of Zaporizhian Cossacks History telling about the glorious Ukrainian worriers in the most amazing and interesting details.
The open-air Zaporizhian Sich museum features a reconstruction of a Cossack settlement with inherent architectural units for the Zaporizhian Sich, which literally means: “a fortification made of chopped wood and located behind the river rapids”.. It is not a copy of any Cossack settlement that existed in reality but an accurate image of it.
The Cossack Show will complete the excursion to the island. Handsome Cossacks with immutable oseledets on clearly shaven heads, with gorgeous mustaches, dressed in traditional costumes perform tricky Cossack martial Arts and make a perfect equestrian show on the Khortytsia Island. Sometimes the show is complemented with an authentic Cossack treat of kasha and horilka.
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The excursion highlights
  • Khortytsia Island 
  • Museum of Zaporizhian Cossacks History on the Khortytsia Island
  • Cossack Theatre on the Khortytsia Island
  • The Zaporizhian Sich Museum on the Khortytsia Island
Khortytsia Island
Khortytsia Island
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GROUP 1 - 2 From 169
3 - 5 From 95
6 - 15 From 50
16 - 25 From 40
26 - 40 From 37
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Dear Ukraine Tours:

I was so pleased when I used you in 2003 that I decided to take advantage of your help again this year. Once again, you surpassed yourselves.

Previously, I took advantage of “The Best of the Ukraine”. This time, I picked out the places (Uzhhorod, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankovsk, and of course Kiev) that I wanted to visit. Irina and I corresponded for nearly two months. The emails added up to c 50 A4 pages!

Picking out the hotels was easy. Arranging train connections proved to be more challenging. Irina outdid herself when she arranged a ticket to Chisinau, Moldova which was my next stop.

The Ukraine was my lynchpin for my seven weeks of holiday. If Ukraine Tours did not fulfil what I expected them to do, I would have had to start planning again.

Thankfully, they are truly professional in every sense of the word.

James E. Storms NORWAY September 2007

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