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Индивидуальный тур в Чернобыль

Reactor 4 unit
Продолжительность: 8 часов
Сезонность: круглый год
Максимальный размер группы: не ограничен
Доступно на:* Английский, Русский
Цена тура на одного*
Group: от USD 233
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Nowadays, you can visit the 30 km Exclusion Zone. It will start at Dityatky checkpoint and will continue up to the heart of the place, only 300 meters from the infamous Reactor #4. You will ride by the Red Forest – patch of pines that have turned red due to heavy radiation; see the “Cemetery of Vehicles” from a safe distance; visit deserted ghost town Pripyat – once a cozy home for plant workers with apartments blocks, stores, kindergartens, libraries, schools and a theme park; visit fully buried Kopachi village with a kindergarten one still can enter and see abandoned toys and toddlers’ beds; visit the Firefighters’ Monument with a short line – “To those who saved the World”, and a new memorial named “The Star of the Wormwood”. On a private tour, should you wish you can also meet “self-settlers” – those elderly people who were so homesick that came back to their homes in the Zone They say that nothing has changed for them, and life there is none worse than anywhere else. They live in their home villages already for years, and say it is better to die from radiation than from homesickness. But after this, they always add that water is clean, air is wonderful, mushrooms, berries, fish and fowl is abundant and tasty. They trade to each other milk of their cows and potatoes they dig in their backyards. The nuclear plant workers and staff in Chernobyl continue their work. Although the nuclear plant operation was stopped, the equipment requires control and maintenance. Chernobyl has become a workplace for ecologists and scientists. Woods and animals are growing fast and look happy. Asphalt roads have turned into green meadows lining depths of the forest. The skies are still blue and sun is shining, only dead silence is a reminder of what has happened here in 1986.
You will hear the versions of why the accident has taken place, get answers to your questions and see the sarcophagus covering the Reactor #4. You might be lucky to see and feed enormous catfishes lazily swimming in the pond, or encounter a wild boar family in the forest. Please, be aware of possible radiation contamination, no matter how interesting what you see may seem – follow the rules strictly.


IMPORTANT: The tour can be booked no later than 2 weeks prior to the date. Two weeks is a minimal time required for issuing personal passes to the Zone.
Participants of the tour should be at least 18 years old.


SAFETY: Tour is safe if safety regulations are followed strictly: not to step on moss, grass, soil, not to touch anything or drink/eat anything that grows or was produced in the Zone. Tour guide will have a Geiger counter and you will see that levels of radiation are about those at e.g. airplanes.
Upon entering the 18 km area from Chernobyl you will be checked for radiation levels. You will undergo the same procedure on the exit. Beware not keeping to the rules, one has a chance to “catch” the radioactive particles that would cling to your skin or clothes.
It is advisable to wear clothes protecting your body the most – long sleeves, no shorts or skirts, closed shoes, hats.
Food that will be served for lunch on the tour is safe and clean – it is brought from Kiev.
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Основные достопримечательности
  • Памятник «Людям, которые спасли мир»
  • Музей Чернобыля в Чернобыле
  • Pripyat town
  • Саркофаг 4 реактора
  • Рыжий лес
  • Памятник жертвам Чернобыля
Ilyinskays Church
Ilyinskays Church
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GROUP 1 - 2 От 401
3 - 5 От 258
6 - 15 От 248
16 - 25 От 233
26 - 40 От 233
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  • В стоимость включены все налоги и сборы
  • Входные билеты на объекты показа включены
  • Цены могут изменяться без предварительного уведомления
  • Возможность проведения экскурсий на языках, отличных от английского и русского, а также цена таких экскурсий, подтвержжается отдельно после оформления заявки.
  • Может взиматься дополнительная плата за встречу в местах, где действует пропускной режим и / или взимается плата за вход или въезд.


Hello Irina !!
You did a wonderful Job on our tour !!

Pick up, Drivers and Guides were terrific. Always on time and ready to go! You are very fortunate to have found all of them !! I would not want to try and pick out the best !!! They all did a wonderful job.

I know we ran poor Natalia ragged in Odessa, she took us places I am sure she never dreamed of going!! I hope she enjoyed it as much as we did. She even made us stop one day to enjoy a coffee, just to catch our breath, then dropped us off at a nice restaurant for dinner on our last night.

Eugene was great, worked with us on shopping, some out of
the way restaurants and I think he enjoyed himself as much as we did !! And finally Vlada, wonderful girl, I wish we had been able to spend more time with her, at least I do. Again, she led us to some great sites, then some terrific shopping. I look forward to hopefully seeing her again.

Also, want to mention driver Sasha, give him a little more time and he will be an excellent guide. He went out of his way on his own to locate some extra sites to see and some shopping addresses.

Well, I hope you can see we were pleased !! You are welcome to use this email on your website or have anyone
contact me for a recommendation!!

Thank you for a wonderful vacation

Robert, USA

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