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Excursion to the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station (Dniproges)

Duration: 3 hours
Operation: year round
Max number of participants: unlimited
Available in:* English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian
The tour price per person*
Group: from USD 15
*Please see information in the price chart
American conglomerate General Electric, Lenin’s Soviet Industrialization Plan, and Modern World Wonders List as to 2007…. are united with something really big. It is the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station located in Zaporizhzhya.
It is not so beautiful as either the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower on that List but it is still one of the biggest hydroelectric stations in the world.
Construction of the hydroelectric plant happened to be a byproduct of flooding the Dnieper rapids to make the river navigable. When flooding water energy on the Dnieper River has been eventually harnessed in 1932 Dniproges has become the largest hydroelectric station in the world.
Construction lasted for 5 years, the best Soviet engineers were engaged in the project, the newest hydroelectric and dam building technology and experience was utilized in the Dniproges creation. Apart from the above, General Electric has manufactured the first power generators for the station, and 8 American engineers and consultants were awarded by Stalin with Orders of the Red Banner of Labor for their outstanding work.
In the years of the World War II the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station was dynamited twice, by Soviets and Germans, causing such a serious damage that Dniproges resumed power production fully only in 1950.
Nowadays Dniproges is an essential part of the Power Supply System of Ukraine. The station’s dam is open for car and trolley traffic. Also, the Hydroelectric Station has recently become available for sightseeing, and we do recommend it as an interesting learning experience. Dniproges used to be a “modern world wonder” until 2007, after all…
Please, kindly note visit to the plant should be taken care of at least 14 days before the planned sightseeing date. It is necessary to obtain a personal pass for it; passport information would be required
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The excursion highlights
  • Shevchenko boulevard
  • Dnieper Hydroelectric Station (Dniproges)
  • Festivalna square
  • Lenina avenue
Group Number of participants Price, USD
GROUP 1 - 2 From 81
3 - 5 From 44
6 - 15 From 21
16 - 25 From 16
26 - 40 From 15
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