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Odessa, Ukraine City Guide: General Information

Location And Population
The city lies on the Black Sea coast in the Bay of Odessa. Odessa occupies territory of 160 sq. km. and has population 1 027 000.
The climate is moderately continental and comparatively dry, with a short mild winter and long hot summer. There are more than 290 sunny days in the year. Since Odessa region is drawn out along the meridian, the climate in the narrow 30-40 km. stretch along the coast is practically ideal, with the soft tang of the sea mixing with the scent of the steppes.

The winter average temperature hovers around freezing. Falling snow and minus 20 Celsius is a really rare occurrence, which is usually replaced by a thaw.

In summer average temperature is 25 Celsius, though in summer daytime can get up over 35 Celsius.

Transport Information
Odessa has air connection with Vienna (Austrian Airlines and Air Ukraine International), Warsaw (LOT), Budapest (Malev), Prague (CSA), Istanbul, Moscow, Athens, Aleppo, Dubai, Yerevan, Larnaca, Tel Aviv, Tbilisi, Kyiv.
The summer schedule may include some other domestic and international flights.
Here you can view current air schedule.

Train to Warsaw 3 times a week.
Prague, Bratislava, Berlin weekly.
Moscow, major cities of Ukraine daily.
Saint Petersburg 3 times a week.

Germany weekly.
Thessalonica, Athens - weekly.
Varna - three times a week, during summer.
Major cities in Ukraine - daily.

Istanbul - 2 times a week.
Varna weekly, from June to September.

Domestic rail, bus, sea/river tickets can be booked in Ukraine only. We are glad to make these bookings for you.


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Just a short note to inform you about how I appreciated everything your organization has done. My vacation in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus has been one of the best I have ever experienced. I have seen a lot of beautiful buildings, interesting museums, green parks, palaces and I have met a lot of nice people.

The hotelrooms you booked for me were very much all right and everything else went well. I much enjoyed travelling by train through the Ukraine and look forward to visit your country again. I took a lot of pictures and some of the people who were negative from the start when they heard what my travel plans were changed their minds completely after having seen those pictures and hearing my stories.

Be sure I will recommend your services to other people who plan to go to Ukraine.

Thanks for a job well done.


Ronald, the Netherlands

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