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Sights and Tourist Attractions in Odesa

The Opera House
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The Opera and Ballet House in Odessa is one of the best in Europe, from architectural and acoustics standpoints. The House is a beautiful symbol of Odessa, a whole page in the history of the city and pride of Odessa citizens. Be it either Verdi’s “La Traviata”, or excursion around the House it is worthwhile visiting should you have a chance.
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Primorsky Boulevard
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Shady platens and chestnut trees, benches lining modest tidy flowerbeds and the magnificent sea view make the Primorsky Boulevard irresistible both for tourists and Odessans. Seems like the place has psychedelic properties. People come here and stay for hours gazing at the Sea Port full of ships, boats and yachts, enjoying the shade and the sea breeze.
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Potemkin steps
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Built in 1837 and still being the best place to view the busy harbor and the bay, the Potemkin Steps are one of the beautiful and the most referred in writing symbols of Odessa. There is an optical trick in the constructions of the stairs. To notice it, one has to travel all the way through 192 steps (there were 200 of them initially) to compare the views from the top and the bottom. For those not inclined to climb them, there is a funicular.
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The Museum of Partizn Glory in Odessa Catacombs
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The unique network of Odessa catacombs was used by Soviet guerrillas during the WWII. Some of the city defenders lived there in dark caves for two years, only 14 meters down from German and Romanian soldiers.
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Deribasovskaya is the very heart of Odessa. And though sometimes too overcrowded, noisy and showy, it has so much charm and beauty that one can’t help becoming a part of the crowd there again and again.
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Charming maritime district shadowed with the old acacia trees boasts the most expensive real estate of all the times – wealthy Odessa merchants lived here in the old days, new luxury estate is built here too. Once a peaceful boulevard, it echoes through the cobblestone pavement under busy car traffic. But still it is a lovely area to take a stroll on a sunny day.
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