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Sights and Tourist Attractions in Zaporizhzhya

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American conglomerate General Electric, Lenin’s Soviet Industrialization Plan, and Modern World Wonders List as to 2007…. are united with something really big. It is the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station located in Zaporizhzhya.
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The Zaporizhian Cossackdom has played a significant role in the Ukrainian, and the European history alike. The Museum on the Khortytsia Island relays history of the Ukrainian Cossacks in amusing and unusual details, and boasts the most abundant collection of original Cossacks’ objects.
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Khortytsia Island
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The biggest on the Dnieper River, the Khortytsia Island has rocky cliffs and vibrant green floodplains, forests and steppe areas, marches and lakes, ancient findings and national history glory alike. Nowadays it is a historical natural reserve with numerous expositions and the Cossack theme museum. We would say visiting the island is a real must if you happen to be in Zaporizhzhya.
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Handsome Cossacks with immutable oseledets on clearly shaven heads, with gorgeous mustaches, dressed in traditional costumes perform tricky Cossack martial Arts and make a perfect equestrian show on the Khortytsia Island.
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The Zaporizhian Host takes a special place in the history of Ukraine. A cohort of skillful and brave Slavic hero warriors, the Zaporizhian Cossaks built fortifications downstream the Dnieper River rapids in the 16th century thus founding the Zaporizhian Sich. The museum features an open-air exposition of the Sich architecture.
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Dear Irina,
First of all, let me apologize for being so long in writing to THANK YOU for the superb organization of our wonderful stay in the Ukraine back in August. We have nothing but praise for the professional yet very friendly way in which everybody treated us and keep fond memories of all the people who helped make our stay so special!

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