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Lvov Golden Horseshoe

John III Sobieski with his family, painting by Henri Gascar
Duration: 9 hours
Operation: year round
Max number of participants: unlimited
Available in:* English, Russian, German, French, Ukrainian, Polish
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Group: from USD 47
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The aged and beautiful castles in the Lviv suburb may become your prime highlight in the region. The gorgeous samples of the Renaissance fortification architecture will be alternated with short rides between them through the scenic and picturesque area that in the 17th century used to be a favorite hunting place of the Polish King Sobieski John III.
The oldest in the Lviv region, the Olesko Castle dates to the beginning of the 14th century, with its height at the times of Polish King John Sobieski III. This castle became his birthplace and a family residence at his adulthood. The nowadays museum features a vast collection of decorative and applied medieval arts, tapestries, sculptures and paintings, and is considered the richest Polish art collection outside of Poland.
Next castle you will visit was built in the beginning of the 17th century to replace the older wooden fortification in Pidhirtsi. The handsome citadel kept gaining more luxury and style with each new noble owner it had. More than a century of flourishing and prosperity was alternated with quick sloping downhill. Ransacked by Russians, auctioned by Austrians, located on the front line in the WWI, and terribly ruined in the Soviet time, the castle in Pidhirtsi has reached a condition of a picturesque ruin. Neglected, enchanted and still beautiful, the castle desperately needs renovation and is a fertile ground for one’s imagination.
The last castle en-route was assembled in the middle of the 17th century in Zolochiv and is one of the best preserved manors in the Lviv region nowadays. Once a royal residence, a retreat for Marie Casimirie, a French-born Polish Queen, nowadays it is a ground for museums of the Lviv Art Gallery. Among other, the palace boasts the most advanced 17th century sewage and heating system, and secret passages beneath. Recently found mysterious rocks with the 14th century inscriptions are exposed in the museum.
With the castles’ heyday at the times of the Polish King Sobieski John III, all the three castles may be considered Polish national monuments; with the neglect in the Soviet time – victims of the Soviet regimen; and with the immense charm they radiate – a must-see in the Lviv region nowadays!
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Olesko Castle
Olesko Castle
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